The Amazing Stone Sculptures Of Hirotoshi Itoh

I think that this trend of divert solid materials is not ready to stop in the contemporary art world, to my delight. Here ,the work of Hirotoshi Itoh, a Japanese artist who likes to divert first aspect of stones into something visually flexible and useful.

I find his work really interesting, because it is just as difficult, if not more, than working marble, because here, the mass is already formed, irregular, and the surface being smaller is more difficult to work.

My favorites are those zipped with gold and silver stones, the wallet and the water drop which is simply amazing.

What about the stones with teeth….well, I find it quite funny, though, somewhat disturbing ….

And you which ones are your favorite?

metal_age2_by_jiyuseki-d4mcq4r hirotoshi itoh coin_pouch_by_jiyuseki2 Coin_by_jiyuseki2 Cogwheel_by_jiyuseki2 Zippered_Coin_Purse_by_jiyuseki6 A_heavy_bag_by_jiyuseki stone-sculptures-by-hirotoshi-itoh-3 pie36 stone-sculptures-by-hirotoshi-itoh-4 Stuffed-Stone-stone-sculpture-by-Jiyuseki-Hirotoshi-Ito kamennyie-miniatyuryi-hirotoshi-itoh-14

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